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Shot Blasting

The ultimate in preparation and quality – our 22m long blasting booth can tackle most metals, and blasts off rust, old paint and other surface contaminants that can impact the paint finish.  This process ensures optimum finish & longevity.

The process.

Our Blasting process removes surface deposits and other imperfections by applying abrasive media at very high pressure without damaging the surface. It is used to remove deposits, rust, welding residues and other dirt & grease to create the perfect finish for painting.  Our blast process creates a uniform surface finish on all fabricated and machined parts which, in turn, ensures optimum adhesion for the paint primer.  


Blast room.

Our blast booths are 22 metres long and can accommodate items up to 660 cubic metres.  We use high pressure hoses with a full media recovery system enabling a super high quality finish and quick turnaround times.

Blast Media

At Highgrounds, we do not use any silica based blast media.  Instead, we have access to a range of silica free media such as metal, glass, plastic and blended media that are safe and provide the desired finish.

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